Review: Star Trek: TNG – Pen Pals

Star Trek The Next Generation
Star Trek The Next Generation

Worf trips over Data’s shit that he’s playing with behind tactical, not happy. Wesley sucks at commanding  people. Data stalls forever on the holodeck before telling Captain Picard how he screwed up. Wesley interrupts Riker while he’s pussy-getting in Ten-Forward. Dr Pulaski calls Worf a coward, obviously won’t be on this show much longer.

When you think about it, a painting of a space station in a space ship, in space, is horrible decorating. Picard violates the Prime Directive so much, its pointless to the audience for the remainder of the series.


Sarjenka has the longest pinky in the galaxy. It’s gross. O’Brien notices AND calls her “that.”

Picard better watch his mouth, because if Data wanted to, in 2 seconds, he could break everyone’s neck at once on the bridge. He did that once in a book. Data then shows this little girl her home on the view screen without permission from anyone. He’s starting to push it.

We get a cool, rarely used shot of the D flying away from the planet.


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