Review: Star Trek: TNG – Q Who?

Star Trek The Next Generation
Star Trek The Next Generation

Ensign Gomez kills her career by throwing hot chocolate on the captain, who doesn’t even flinch, and then pressing it into the uniform, for no reason.

Guinan calls the bridge but Riker is rude. He must not have the same attraction as Ted Danson.  Geordi and Gomez are drinking future water.  Wesley flips out over Picard (his dad).

Apparently Guinan stays crouched behind the bar when no one is in Ten Forward. Q says they were exonerated on trial, making the finale make no sense.  Picard turns down Q as a crew member, easily the worst choice of his career since the time he violated the prime directive and Sarjanka went on to become Space Hitler.  Picard calls yellow alert then Riker says leave the shields down.  What’s the point then?

Instead of just saying “I can see it.” Guinan walks to a pointless room and turns on a viewer for the EXACT SAME VIEW. Picard finally stops badgering poor Q, who mercifully saves them. What a guy.

We get a really awesome orchestral tune to close the episode. It sounds very high quality, so its never used again on this show.


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