Review: Star Trek: TNG – Up The Long Ladder

Star Trek The Next Generation
Star Trek The Next Generation

Worf is constipated, even worse since no one has discovered Neelix’s cooking.  Nothing makes you push the speed limits like the shits, huh Janeway?  Anyway, suddenly Data doesn’t have superhuman hearing anymore and doesn’t hear Worf snarling.

Someone rufy’d Worf. Pulaski violates Starfleet law and lies to her Captain.

In all seriousness – the tea scene between Worf and Pulaski is one of my favorite on this show. Actually sets up for some great chemistry between the two. Anyway, screw that, we have egos at work people!

A bunch of Irish hillbillies are teleported in by Obrien, ironically.  Picard uses Worf as a bully, says he doesn’t own the Enterprise, then calls it “his” ship in the next scene.  Irish hussy gets Rikers attention (surprise). Just occurred that those uniforms probably reveal even 1% of a boner.  They had sex by the way.  It wasn’t just a kiss. Riker and Worf are fighting buddies.

Notice the actress walk toward the camera, unable to keep from smiling because of the absurd outfit she is in.

Dr Pulaski looks older in 1980 than in 2013.  Drinking game – take a shot every time “clones” gets said.  You’ll be dead by the commercial break (unless you’re Worf, the Irish guy or Gene).  So out of the gate you’re thinking Mr White Suit Prime Minister is going to kidnap someone.  Awkward racist moment where they don’t want Geordi.

Hope they sterilized those needle entry points under the uniform.  Riker doesn’t bother getting Worf or a security team.  Murders his and Pulaskis clone.  Racist guy and a bunch of Eddie Murphey clones show up.

Some element of Gene Roddenberry probably wanted the idea of one man having three wives to catch on for personal reasons. Already had for him. What? Shows over.


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