Review: Star Trek: TNG – Manhunt

Star Trek The Next Generation
Star Trek The Next Generation

Out of the gate, Picard is in a dress.  Some fish heads teleport in.  Picard and his so…I mean Wesley talk about them like they’re not there.

Picard calls Worf “Wolf” then leaves. “Wolf” admires the race’s looks.

Picard pulls a dick move on Wesley and Data’s conversation.  Lurch drinks an entire clear Thermos of Romulan ale/blue raspberry kool-aid.

Red Alert! Lwaxana is in a low-cut dress!

You know how smart people (or worse, people who think they are) talk a lot? Data is the worst version ever because he’s pure intelligence.  Pulaski seals her fate by telling Troi to let Picard suffer.  Worf reveals he’s a woman to get away from old Troi.

“Your testimony got him ‘arranged” she says.  Proving that all terrorists are the ugly ones, Lwuxana catches the fish heads before they detonate, which no one worries about them doing when caught, for some reason.

Then, proving Picard is a perv, old Troi is able to speak while 20% of her particles remain at that location, but is still fully audible.


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