Trine 2 Sucks


Trine 2 is absolute shit. I tried giving it a chance but it just fucking sucks too much for me to be nice about it any longer.

The developers don’t have an eye for detail or knack for level design. The levels all feel like a sloppy mess and your character moves at slow motion speeds like in a bad dream. It’s got mucky molasses controls.

The characters. Where do I begin? If you’re playing as the wizard, you have no offense at all. You’d think they gave him lightning or fireballs but they gave him an ability to do what every little kid wants to do as a wizard – conjure boxes. And planks. The whore thief sucks and shoots arrows way too slowly to be of use in a fight against the fucking goblins that had their genes spliced with Bolt. They really move faster than it seems like something from this game should. And the warrior. The lug isn’t half bad but for the sake of hating on this game, he’s still stupid. And fat! He would be winded 10 minutes into this great adventure.

The levels just end. No real reward or boss fight. Ehh, it’s over! Why bother?

I want to return to how slow the game is for a moment. In the same span of time for one jump on Trine 2, I could jump approximately 4 times on Super Mario Brothers. That’s dumb. I’d slap the shit out of someone if they were near me right now.

For multiplayer to work, you have to know already that you can press start. Or, you can post it in the Playstation forums, where one of the developers might reply telling you.

This isn’t fun. I don’t recommend it unless you’re stupid.


One thought on “Trine 2 Sucks”

  1. I agree with you that this game sucked but not for the same reasons.

    1. Wizard is probably the best character in the game because conjuring planks and boxes instant kills everything. If you play right you can even do so in complete safety with 0 risk of getting hurt let alone die.

    2. Archer is the best of the three because of her grappling hook, nimbleness and ranged attacks. Although her attacks rather suck early but pack a punch later in the game.

    3. Warrior is ackward and slow but if used well can be quite powerful, i perfer archer or wizard though. Nothing to say but the usual stereotypical warrior traits and strengths.

    4. Reason why i hated this game, they removed the rpg paper doll element Trine 1 had. There is no point in exploring for secrets anymore because you can’t use artifacts anymore. It’s only for achievement hunting which is boring if there is no reward. I would spend an extra 20 minutes each level to search every nook and cranny for a new potential item to “forge” my characters into the beasts i wanted them to be. They removed that in trine 2 so now i just rush through the game and beat it in 2 hours. Being able to continue from where trine left off was nice but removing all the fun parts of trine and stamping “2” on it was a horrible move on frozenbytes part.

    5. Overall the game was ok and i wouldn’t recommend it either, instead i’d reccomend the original trine.


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