Apple is shit

Sick of these keep calm memes? Me too.

Apple is trash. It shocks me that more people don’t realize this (but people are stupid and I hate them. I really hate people. They’re dumb and lazy.)

Here are some reasons why Apple is a shitty company:

  • They’re so miserable to work for, people kill themselves and have to have suicide nets to prevent it.
Prison? Nope. An Apple manufacturer
Prison? Nope. An Apple manufacturer
  • You can’t disable battery notifications. You MUST be interrupted to find out what the upper right corner shows – and it will pause, stop or reset apps, including video.


  • The autocorrect feature still doesn’t take grammar into effect, or usage. Microsoft Word has done this since 2000, possibly before.


  • The batteries are so shitty, I can have my iPad 4 plugged in, watch a movie, and still get battery warnings for low battery (because when plugged in, the power still goes down!)
  • It’s designed to break. Some of the models have been made out of GLASS. Yeah, since we have to carry it around everywhere, let’s make it fragile. Why not make it out of potato chips? (This is called planned obsolescence)
  • Even though ALL phones require a case, unless you want to destroy it, they still manufacture the phones without durability improvements.
  • Updates are designed to slow down older models that previously, ran just fine. Would it kill Apple to let my old OS run on a 4S, instead of updating it to run something it clearly can not, correctly? Yes.
  • Tim Cook acts like he is doing some great honor to Jobs by…still selling phones. Quality has gone down greatly, the phones have never had so many issues and customer satisfaction is probably the lowest it has been since the iPhone launched but he’s still honoring him.
  • They’ve done nothing creative since Stinky died. There was talk of them launching a SmartTV solution but they screwed around too long and now, nothing they could do in this realm would matter. No one wants more Apple around – they want less.
  • Steve Jobs stunk because he only thought about technology and never bathed. Tim Cook looks like he smells good. What’s that tell you? Probably that their phones are going to suck.
  • Each year, another new bullshit phone is released with the premise that it is the “fastest yet!” as if they were planning on releasing a slower one. Also, they slow down other models when they release a new one. Fact.
  • Apple is about to release some wristwatch garbage and, similar to Bluetooth ear pieces, will be worn by geeks only. I’m going to slap it off of anyone I see wearing it and fight them. They could be a black belt in anything and were gonna go if you wear that.
Nerd concept art
Nerd concept art

If you think oil companies are evil, which they are, consider that Apple makes the kind of money they’re pulling in and they’re doing it with a lot of blood on their hands. Shit company with no ethics. I can’t stand them.

10 thoughts on “Apple is shit”

  1. So I want to download a free app, App Store refuses to allow me because my credit card details are about to expire. Aare you serious!!! It’s a f’n free app. Goodbye iPhone, hello galaxy.

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  2. Remove Google plus remove twitter remove Facebook and remove DMCA and remove eula and remove nsa and remove the safe harbor worshippers and it’s terrible acts and remove apple technology and remove Skype and remove Microsoft technology and remove netflix and remove DRM and remove Hulu and remove red box and remove the ndaa and remove all copyright acts and remove all the utility bills and insurance commercials and remove all the taxes and fees and remove mpaa and remove riaa and remove IRS and Remove Fbi and remove Sony and remove ACTA and remove COPPA and remove AOL and remove ACA and remove Verizon and remove AT&T and remove etrust and remove FOIA and remove adobe and remove Spotify and remove TPP and remove governments and remove congresses and remove FDA and remove DEA and remove ACLU and remove verisign and remove Kindle and remove nook and remove Mozilla Firefox and remove safari too and save the link from the FCC and remove TRUSTe and remove EME and stay in business

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  3. apple iphone is the worst shit ever since Adam was sent out of Eden. Thats a fact, not a statement. People using Apple shit are retarded zombie ppl. Just sooo fu….ing brainless. A company that makes the simple VERY hard. How do they manage to manipulate 50% of digital humanity??

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