Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery ain’t bad


You’d almost guarantee that I would be slamming this movie harder than King Kong Bundy slammed Little Beaver at Wrestlemania 3. But you’re in for a surprise, folks! I actually half ass enjoyed this thing. A few spoilers are ahead but I won’t ruin the movie for anyone.
So the movie starts with Shaggy playing a WWE game that isn’t made by THQ, because they’re enjoying it. Also, it’s faster than slow molasses, so again, not THQ. Cena loses to Sin Cara, which would never occur.
image (7)
We get a “Were not worthy” line and the guys worship Vince.
image (6)
Cena is literally super-human and can lift a van.
image (5)
I’ve laughed several times at this. It’s really good. The gang goes to a live event, which has pyro on this. In reality, they have steam. Pyro explodes in the crowd like at Wrestlemania one time.
30 dead.
30 dead.
Michael Cole is in this. So is Vince who is a great man for kids shows
They’ve got the old WWE spinner title.
image (3)
I mark out for a Sgt Slaughter, King and Jimmy Hart
Memphis Wrestling has made it folks
Memphis Wrestling has made it folks
AJ Lee, who I find gross, has a camel toe that is accurate.
Not a seam.
Not a seam.
Velma has a shitty tablet because she’s gotta tap it a million times to get it to do anything. Reminds me of APPLE.
A WILD dream sequence happens that is great if you do drugs. More great humor by the Miz. I am not being sarcastic here. He actually did good!
Triple H threatens to beat up the bear because he’s a big talker.
Kane shows up…
3 foot diiiiick
Last time we saw Kane in a movie, the plot was almost that he had a 3 foot dick.
Doesn’t look quite right though…


The movie even starts making great use of WWE themes. Seriously impressed. It’s silly fun but it’s actually enjoyable!
Cena know what an EMP is. Maybe he learned about that while (not) serving in the Armed Services of the United States.
Someone is plotting to kill WWE. Could it be…
If Shaggy got his conceal carry, he could just shoot the ghost bear.
We can’t cancel Wrestlemania – that’s like canceling Christmas.” Actual quote in this movie. Then, people worship the championship.
I won’t spoil too much, but this pretty much explains why WWE continued with the Sin Cara character after they got rid of the lazy Mexican who quit a match because of a broken finger.
The movie is overall very good, despite the subtle anti-Christian remarks. Kids will devour it! And it could be my favorite Scooby Doo ever! Although I can’t even name one other!
Scooby Doo - The Don Knotts Mystery
Scooby Doo – The Don Knotts Mystery

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