Review: Goosebumps – Welcome to Camp Nightmare (Pt. 2)

Based on this
Based on this

We begin with a review of last time. For three minutes. Then, we find out who was chasing our kids – Larry. Yeah the big toothed smart mouth I already would have punched.

What is known collectively as a "fuck face"
What is known collectively as a “fuck face”

Saber roars a lot and it sounds like my gut after drinking a bunch of milk.

We have to see someone eating food. It’s big teeth. His teeth are like 30% of his face’s surface area.

The camp personnel claim Roger didn’t exist.


Some kids flip in a canoe and shit happens. It’s not even interesting enough to write about. The awkwardly walking monster chases the kid that dove into the water. Looks like a gorilla to me.

image (23)

He runs through a fence and turns in circles several times for no reason. We get a lot of annoying camera angles from someone trying to get a little too creative for shitty Saturday morning TV.

Billy tells the girl he will meet her after lights out. She tells him to “come back soon.” Well how can I come back soon when we just set a definite time to return? Stupid.

Billy confronts Camp Counselor Roosevelt and shoots him. But then everyone says “You passed.” It is a government testing lab. And the snake, that hissed and was moving? “Rubber snake.

image (22)

I had to shout out loud at that one. Billy’s parents are going on a deadly mission and this whole fucking thing was a test of Billy to see of he had the courage and ability to go on the mission with mom and dad. More on the mission in a second. First, we learn Sabre is an awkward puppet driven by Moby.

The mission, by the way, is to Earth.

image (21)

And the episode concluded. Although it makes no sense where they would have to be, in space, to see earth like that…it is actually a cool twist to close on.

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