Infamous: Second Son sucks


Here we go again. Something I picked up and was all about at first. Then, little by little, it happened. The cracks started showing. The flaws? More and more evident. And it finally happened. I admitted to myself that I was going to platinum the game and sell it.

This was the first 30 minutes of play.

The game is set in probably the least popular choice for places people want to explore in a video game world – Seattle. We see famous landmarks such as Cole McG’s Electronics and Blah and McGraths Law Firm…shitty references to the last game.

Make it as hard as possible to accept this world as real.
Make it as hard as possible to accept this world as real.

The graphics, admittingly, are incredible. They could even be the best I have seen. But graphics don’t stop a game from being fucking stupid.

This makes lots of sense!
This makes lots of sense!

The missions sucks ass. You’re either holding a phone and tracking a hidden objective or you’re killing a bunch of enemies, all unoriginal and some quite annoying. The grenade guys spam throw explosives that are ridiculous and unfair. If you like the graffiti missions, you won’t by the time you do them all. They get old.


Chasing hidden enemies based on a pic is frustrating. But to Sucker Punch’s credit, collecting blast shards isn’t that bad. I can live with it in this game. It was painful in the previous two.

The menu system is quite possibly the worst ever contrived. Whoever thought this was a good idea should be shot.

Complicated and convoluted
Complicated and convoluted

You have to swipe the touch pad to navigate around the stupid menu. Then, good luck finding what you’re looking for. Christopher Columbus would have landed on the moon if he had a shitty map system like this to use.

The camera required constant management. It’s as if this element of the game was left solely up to the player. Half of the time, you can’t keep it from getting obscured by a tree or coat or something else.

But the camera angles themselves, especially when you’re on the last mission, suck a huge cock.

A very common occurance
A very common occurrence

Do you like when the phone rings through your controller? Hey, how about we include an 8 bit speaker on our PS4 controllers. It sounds like absolute shit.

The sound is worse than an old flip phone. It’s like a polyphonic ringtone.” – Raging Red Hulk

Make note of how many times enemies miss you when firing guns at you, too. Never. They never miss, even when you’re at light speed.

All the powers seem cool at first but pretty quickly, end up feeling similar. And eventually, you realize that each new power you get basically obsoletes the previous, because they suck ass. The only significant difference comes from travel. Or in the smoke case, the lack of ability to travel.

They’ve still not learned that we want to fly in super hero games. You can, however, hover.



It is limited fun and kids will probably dig it. Dumber imparticular adults may not notice any issues. They’re there. This game is boring and has no replay value. I would describe it as a good rental but a poor purchase. It sucks.

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One thought on “Infamous: Second Son sucks”

  1. I agree and I just think fans of taxi, gta(before it had a fill story) and god of war are ok with the short and uninspired story or lack there of….its easy to think this is a long game if you never play rpg style games, its also easy to forgive pour writing when what your use to is little better then everyone poops. I will say though the jacking hand almost made me leave and not finish ready totally distracting while trying to read.


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