Review: The Man from Earth


Let me save you some time with The Man from Earth. See, the premise is that John Oldguy….I mean, Oldman, is a caveman that never aged and lives in society. It’s quite possible he’s the father of a good portion of the populace if he were sexually active before contraception. However, the movie is building to one point:

To tell you he is Jesus. And once it’s made that case, to tell you that he doesn’t want to be worshipped or basically even believed.

Now, if it weren’t for the fact that he is not Jesus and this is a movie, this might not be so disrespectful. But he isn’t and it is.

Finally, Wilford Brimley dies but not of die-a-beetus. It’s of a heart attack after learning Oldman was his father, John Bostonteaparty or someshit.

I almost threw the phone when this nonsense ended (I was watching it on that after stopping it 90 times in disgust during previous efforts). It’s not good but Hollywood loves anything anti Christian and pro-dick in your anus, so it has good reviews.

Not from me, though.


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