Review: The Andromeda Strain

The Andromeda Strain 2008 image DVD

The Andromeda Strain starts with a jet crash and a nuke and general chaos. You also get the idea that it’s going to be really low budget.

A superbug spreads that has a really poor attitude. It can communicate with itself wirelessly (yep, it has WiFi), adapts (it’s Borg) and it’s from the future, sent back in time through a wormhole. A lot of stuff we have to believe.

The CG isn’t that good because it’s a TV movie. A bunch of jerk birds that are crappy CG attack.

The President refuses to evacuate his wife because “what about all the other wives.” It’s so stupid, the actor almost looks embarrassed to act out the scene. You can’t lead if the lady you love most in the world is in danger.

The scientist talks to his computer (Star Trek). Someone black mails (or black males) the black lady in the lab. The government has some secret guys that are up to something nefarious, like you might expect.

We get that the general lesson that we shouldn’t destroy things because we might need them to save us from futuristic diseases that arrive in wormholes.

I knock over some things and it pisses me off greatly.

By the time in back, people are throwing thumbs 200 feet up some insanely large silo.

They stop the auto destruct nuclear bomb, then cure the disease. You can tell its cured because the color of the dead crops and grass changes back to green!

The movie ends with more government conspiracy crap. I would rate this a lot lower than the average ratings did.


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