The Lego Movie pissed me off, it sucked so bad


The Lego Movie sucks. It’s annoying. It’s the over animated bullshit that all cartoons have today with lots of screaming, songs, annoying hidden messages and animation that looks a step up from Action League NOW, which was actually good because it didn’t embody everything that gets on my nerves about kids. If your kids want to watch this, make them watch it alone. If they ask why, tell them because you don’t watch ignorant shit and they can raise their intellect to your level if they want to watch TV with you – and watch Hannibal.

That’s what my 6 year old watches and he’s fine.

By watching this junk, kids become screaming annoying loud idiots. I read once that if a kid talks more than two minutes without you knowing what he’s saying, you’re failing as a parent.

I got to 10:47 before I had to turn it off. Watch Ghostbusters. Watch anything else. Go outside and burn something.

4 thoughts on “The Lego Movie pissed me off, it sucked so bad”

  1. Don’t get me wrong, this movie sucked… but why are you making your 6 year old watch Hannibal? That seems like a dark childhood.


  2. The creators of The LEGO Movie know the building blocks of a great movie: charm, side-splitting jokes, lovable people (er, I mean LEGO figures) and an engaging storyline.


  3. Hey cartoons8, are you high? Side-splitting jokes? Name one.

    I think I chuckled 4-5 times, but I do more laughing than that watching a Breaking Bad episode, which is half as long and not meant to be a comedy. Face it, there was little to no jokes to be had in the Lego Movie. Nothing memorable. All we are left with is five-year old’s singing the “Everything is Awesome” song, which, of course, is not awesome.


  4. what sucks about the movie (other than the annoying stuff mentioned) is the fact that it destroys the fantasy immersion of being lost in an a living breathing world of lego by cutting it between the “real” will ferrel and his son the creator. it shoots itself in the foot by painfully reminding the audience that it is a made up world when “emmet” falls off the table.


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