Review: Countdown to Looking Glass


Countdown to Looking Glass is basically a news docudrama that begins with a US ambassador in the Middle East being assassinated. This was before a President could lie and blame the violence on a YouTube video, so he could appear strong and internationally popular during an election period.

Unlike some of the other nuclear scenario movies, this one focuses on the escalation meticulously. We get interviews from legit news sources in character, like Newt Gingrich. He’s insanely young, here.


A pilots mother stated that her son always told her nothing would ever happen. Oh, so you going to get mad at him over it, now? He only said that because you were being unreasonable, like he was going to arrive in the Gulf of Oman and choose to die at 0402 hours.

It keeps getting worse. School finally lets out, except for mine most likely. Bet those dicks made all the kids go even in DEFCON 1.

A man who works in the White House warns a dumb woman that she is likely to be blown away by a nuclear blast shortly but her logical reply is, “I can’t. I can’t.” Oh ok! Well enjoy the tan!

The anchor, reporting the outbreak of a possible war that’ll destroy life on earth, busts out laughing anyway.

Lots of smiles as the world ends...
Lots of smiles as the world ends…

Bad acting.

An nuclear explosion goes off and the dipshit camera man films the reporter non-stop. The camera cuts out repeatedly for the editors to splice together footage. Looks like it gets nasty and were talking about in nuclear fashion.

The emergency broadcast system takes over and the news show ends abruptly. Were left to wonder what happened – or just not care.

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