Review: Threads


Threads is like The Day After, but worse – it’s British.

Every woman in this movie is in hysterics by the time it is over (or dead). The shit goes crazy and one woman pisses herself!!!!! It’s one helluva flow.

photo 1

One man worries about Susan Boyle.

photo 3

A woman who has so much radiation sickness, she’s already bald, wishes she was dead. Well, since you asked nicely…

You’re almost guaranteed to get laid if you meet a fine chick in this world.

The Brits can’t keep it together. They didn’t prepare at all and have no food. The mice steal a bed from someone.

photo 2

Hopefully, Iran was worth it. You know everyone smells like doodoo.

In a moment that isn’t far from present day England, two wild Brits eat raw sheep guts. The father in So I Married An Axe Murderer would approve.

I repeatedly tap pause on my iPad to get a screen shot of the crazy woman chewing umbilical chord, but it’s clear Apple products suck penis and never work right in a crunch.

Evidently the baby never stops crying. It’s annoying. I’m already thinking that the other survivors should eat it.

Everyone gets some tasty rats to eat. UK population is down to medieval levels.

Ruth appears to die. Her daughter is either retarded or stupid and smiles the whole time. Someone thinks it’s a good idea for kids to watch a documentary on skeletons.

All the kids devolve into tweakers and take sweaters apart. Someone listens to Johnny B Goode, just to go totally insane.

childrens movie
childrens movie

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