Wow, did UFC Undisputed 2010 suck a pete or what


Recently, I literally had nothing better to do than pick up a copy of UFC Undisputed 2010. I went through career mode and whipped most everyone’s anus, like I would in an actual fight (except Cain Valesquez. I’m scared of him and he killed me 3 times in the game before I was able to inch out a victory against him).

But as always, the question is – did I like it? No, I hated it and took it back.

The first dead giveaway was three letters. “THQ.” And sure enough, with complicated menus, tons of loading screens and a stupid submission system, I knew it was made by nitwits early on. Now, I don’t want to say this like as if to say there weren’t highlights. I enjoyed the boxing a great deal and appreciated the detail put into that. I enjoyed the ground game to a certain extent. It was pretty one dimensional but it was nicely crafted.

But then I got put in a submission. As you know if you have played it, this is the worst possible thing. Total luck would dictate whether I would escape or not. Many times, I would be whipping the shit out of someone and fall victim to a first graders Kimura armbar like a scrub. I had to temper myself and not toss the controller, like I did recently while playing Grand Theft Auto 5. Not sure what I hit, but the controller sounds like a child’s rattle now.

Once, I tossed the controller at my brick fireplace. It hits the corner and flies directly back into my hand like a Batarang. It was sick, but no one was around so Aliens might as well have landed and no one would believe it. That’s what sucks. Anything out of the ordinary happens and people won’t believe you. They might even call you crazy!

So anyway, I didn’t really like this trash. As mentioned earlier, I took it back and picked up UFC Undisputed 3, which already made me nauseous with so many tutorials. But I’ll get to it and I might even let you know what I think.


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