Murdered: Soul Suspect sucks


Murdered: Soul Suspect sucks. I knew this game was going to suck from early on, too. For starters, the name of the game looks like a 3rd grader game up with it. It’s forgettable and boring, a lot like this title.

You play some bum that got killed and thrown out a window by a super human guy, probably Cain Velasquez.  He shoots you a bunch and then you wake up and wander the planet endlessly until you solve your problem. Sheesh, really? Something keeps you from falling through floors though, conveniently.

The action is non-existent because all you do in this game is run around, collecting clues. Most are really simple to find. A few are stupid and tricky but if you keep looking, you’ll find them. None of it seems interesting to me though.

Enemies attack you by getting on top of you, forcing (or “for in” as Apple felt would be intelligent) your camera to zoom into polygons and inhibiting all view. You can teleport to weird fog zones which is stupid, and they usually find you anyway. It’s best just to die and retry it again.

The camera angles suck in this game. The teleport ability sucks because it’s got a range of about 2 feet and you can’t ever seem to get the surface to accept your teleport.

I’m sick of the dreary locations. Everything is difficult to see in this game. I don’t even know if it has a soundtrack.

The game came with a preorder map outlining collectible locations but since there is no map in-game (and it’s much needed), you can’t tell where you are typically. Add that several locations are blatantly incorrect and what you have is another fail in what is a big pile of failures.

You’ll be done with this game in no more than two or three days. Do NOT spend $60 on this. $2 at Redbox and then you can take it back and never see it again.


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