Watch Dogs blows


Ladies and gentlemen, this game had only been hyped up for what seems like a century. It’s junk. Garbage. Here are the reasons I found why, before I had to return the game.

Once again, a game where you can’t see any of the text or buttons well enough.

When shooting, the dumb game creates an invisible barrier between you and in front of you, so you have to wiggle out of it. Also after a shot, the camera controls seemed to freeze momentarily. This is a pretty big oversight.

Driving in this game is comparable to 007 games for the GameCube (awful). The cars accelerate insanely fast, slide everywhere and control nothing like a realistic automobile.

Missions are pretty boring. You will hack someone, hack a camera and make stuff blow up or make noise. Run and tackle a guy. Drive here or there. It got old FAST and I Redboxed this (thankfully, yet somehow still felt robbed).

Graphics of the main character are good but within 5 seconds of starting the game, you’re standing in front of a map that has less detail than an N64 layer. The cars look AWFUL and the city isn’t anything you’ve not seen in a million other games. It doesn’t even compare to GTA V. I would say it’s not even as good as GTA IV.

The hacking gets old and the gimmick gets tired. This isn’t as good as Infamous Second Son. Not nearly as good as Assassins Creed IV. Just another let down.

Multiplayer is a bit of fun, at first. Jumping into a game and hacking someone is enjoyable but you do it 10 times and then what? Boring if you ask me. Boring after once.

The game should have been released six months ago, but they needed to make versions of it for the sucky systems, PS3 and that gen. This isn’t a next gen title. It’s last gen junk. Looks NOTHING like what they showed at E3.

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