UFC Undisputed 3 – Way better than EA’s UFC


Recently, EA’s UFC came out and folks, it sucks a donkey dick. The punches are slow, the game lags, the blocking sucks and doesn’t work often, buttons often don’t work, online lags twice as bad as offline which actually lags sometimes, as mentioned, and many other reasons. But was I just spoiled by UFC Undisputed 3? No. I thought the game was enjoyable but far from perfect. But compared to EA’s UFC? It’s like a UFC fighter vs. a Walmart security guard.

Undisputed 3 boasts a lot of cool modes like Pride mode, where you can stomp someone’s head like on American History X – that’s legal in Japan. You can also stab people in this mode. Just kidding. You can relive classic matchups, although it seems like there should be a lot more and many were DLC BS, which ticked me off from the start.

The career mode got boring fast too. I did what seemed like 42 years in this mode before tapping out. True, it’s fun working your way up and winning WEC gold, UFC gold and PRIDE gold…but after you do that for the first time, you’re stuck defending your stuff repetitively with no new content. You might lose and work your way back up the ladder sometimes, if you choose not to save your game and reset. I let things happen and played as Wanderlei Silva, a very scary man. One of my favorite things to do is unload lefts and rights in combinations that just don’t end and Wandy does that better than anyone.

Now, you must be wondering how the punching is in this game, if I focused on striking. It is AWESOME. I love the punching and kicking in this game and was spoiled by it to the extent that EA’s UFC felt like a bad dream. Slow punches that are weak and seem to do nothing even though you’re pretty sure you just landed a knockout blow six times in a row. The submissions were good too, though, because of the spinning wheel meter. You chased a color around the wheel to make your opponent tap, or you tried escaping the aggressor’s color if you were trying to escape. EASY. The explanation for EA’s UFC submissions is below.

This is how to do submissions on EA’s UFC. (For the right joystick.)

The roster of fighters in this game is huge and very fun. Brock Lesnar to Jon “Big Lips” Jones and many others. I was disappointed when I learned one of my fantasy characters was not in the game though.


If you’re looking for an MMA game, this is probably the best out right now and it’s half the price of EA’s UFC when you buy it used. Maybe cheaper. If you still have a PS3 (and you may as well, because next gen has sucked thus far), this is your game. Otherwise, go to a bar and get in a fight.


I simmed the ultimate SUPERCARD on UFC Undisputed 3. Check out what happened.

2 thoughts on “UFC Undisputed 3 – Way better than EA’s UFC”

  1. Man I’ve played every ufc game that has been maid undisputed 3 was the best yea ea ufc looks great but that’s it ea ufc 2 is a little better then the first one but that’s not saying much ea ufc is so bad they won’t even take it back at game stop cause they got so many copys every one I know has stopped playing the ea one but when undisputed 3 was out every one I knew had it we was going to war for hours even bet in on it man it felt like u was in a real fight I’ve wasted my money on 2 of these ea ufc and I’m done never again


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