Review: Into the Storm

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Into the Storm is one of the stupidest movies I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t know what I really expected but I can tell you for a fact that this movie fell short of those undefined expectations.

The beginning of the movie was pretty wicked. I enjoyed the ominous tornado that the dumb kids couldn’t see approaching them at night. But it went downhill from there. I do enough “article” write-ups on why movies are crap, so lets make this one all bullet-points.

  • There wasn’t one good actor or actress in this movie.
  • There was a fire tornado in this movie
  • There was, at one point, like 5 tornados at once on screen.
  • The lady was being pulled, feet over her head, toward a tornado at one point and was able to hold-on with her fingertips.
  • I said her fingertips.
  • The guy at the end of the movie gets sucked up into the giant tornado and flung above the clouds (where it is sunny and beautiful).
  • I am almost certain someone said “Lets get under the school buses.” and someone next to me heard the same line. They actually got into the busses.
  • At no point was the storm-shelter used at the school.
  • If a tornado is powerful enough to lift a semi-truck, don’t you figure it would tear the skin off of your skeleton?
  • The tornados throw things perfectly on the road at the protagonists, like it is an intelligent villain.
  • I hate the characters.
  • The story in this is horrendous.
  • It’s found-footage style, but at one point, when the kids are drowning, they’re filming goodbye messages to their loved-ones. With what camera, their phones? Or their actual video-camera? Did they hold it above water the entire time, even when the water was up to their nose?
  • I sat next to a guy with a raincoat on. That pissed me off for some reason too.
  • This movie ripped off Twister in so many ways, but it doesn’t measure up to that movie (which isn’t that good either but is way better than this).
  • The supposed-camera guy, who gets killed by the fire tornado, has worked for 365 days chasing storms and wants to quit after running into the first few tornados.
  • One scene after this, he is bold enough to run into a tornado against the commands of his team and it kills him.

Now, let’s make a list of the good things about this movie:

  1. The visual effects.

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