16 reasons why Last of Us Multiplayer is SLOP

TheLastOfUs (1)


The Last of Us may be a videogame masterpiece (it’s good but it isn’t that good), but The Last of Us Multiplayer is not. In fact, it makes me so angry, I usually want to put my controller through my television 5 minutes in.

  1. Two way mirror smoke. Depending on where you’re at with the smoke bombs, you may not be able to see anything while enemies can see you perfectly.
  2. This game will give you a stroke
  3. I’ve never gotten more in my eye than when playing this game.
  4. The board swings in slow mo
  5. You fall down in slow motion
  6. Aim obstructed by body
  7. The armor and damage makes no sense.
  8. Games sit on the loading screen for an eternity
  9. You’re guaranteed to start itching when you play this
  10. Does anyone really and truly think this is good
  11. You aim in the same direction every time, even if it makes no logical sense whatsoever.
  12. Hitting R1 to change the direction of your aim is highly inconvenient and you can’t change which button this is mapped to.
  13. Online games take far too long to load
  14. When someone lags out as the host during loading, you might sit there for 10 minutes
  15. No matter how sarcastic I am on this site, I can’t be comfortable with a male character punching a female character to death

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