Don’t Starve (PS4) is pure trash


I don’t even know how this is considered a videogame. Much less NEXT GEN. It was free on the PS store for Plus members so of course, I picked it up. I couldn’t have been more let down.

Thing is, I love “sim” games. I enjoy getting to play games that have a unique aspect to them besides the same slop game developers dish out day in and day out. But what is the point in this? It was boring 2 minutes in and never stopped being boring!

These graphics can’t be considered next gen. Right? This could have come out for the PS2 and not missed a beat, graphically, from what it is now. But this is what we consider our free-next gen game for PS4 now.

The plot of the game is that you’re a little idiot running around collecting wood and rocks so you can build a campfire at night. If you don’t you’ll die from something dumb. The interface is horrendous and you can’t see anything, even when you’re a foot away from a 55 inch LED TV. What’s up with games doing this nonsense? Don’t waste your time.

Listen to me now Sony. If you want to make PS Plus worth having, don’t give us these stupid junk games. We want actual video games, like that racing game you initially promised (but then revealed we wouldn’t be getting forever and even then, we wouldn’t get a full version of).


4 thoughts on “Don’t Starve (PS4) is pure trash”

  1. Games that are neither CPU-intensive or GPU-intensive enough to be considered ‘Next Gen’ can still exist on a ‘Next Gen’ system. It seems to me that only an idiot would attempt to lump Don’t Starve in with anything ‘Next Gen’ than the ability to play it on a ‘Next Gen’ console instead of the PC seeing the turn in the console cycle.

    You spend no real time talking about why you don’t like the game and, instead, harp on the notion of it being on a ‘Next Gen’ console. Why didn’t you, who made sure to say they like ‘sim games’, like this game? What in particular was boring about the gameplay? Were you too peeved at this sort of game being playable on a ‘Next Gen’ console and getting it as part of the PS+ programme to give it a real shot? Were you familiar enough with the game, or gaming in general, to recognise a bad port? (The PS3/360 port of American McGee’s Alice is a fantastic example of a bad port and one that I don’t think anyone would have to be familiar with the PC release to recognise.) Did it occur to you that this particular game, even for one who says they like ‘sim games’, may not be for you and you are, therefore lampooning, it unduly?

    It’s really tough to be polite when something this idiotic comes out but, expect for this line, I tried my best to be polite.


    1. Nice of one of the developers to stop by. Thing is, I talked about the graphics, the gameplay, the plot and everything I could get out of it in the 8 or so times I played the game before turning it off and tossing my controller into the garbage out of instinct.

      Evidently, you read the first paragraph and were so offended that someone didn’t like your game, you couldn’t get off of what I said about it being “Next-Gen” which I said once.

      Just as much of a point as writing about how terrible and not-fun this trash game is, was me also writing that Sony shouldn’t expect this to satisfy our hunger for a monthly “free” game as PS Plus users. The game is junk and I can’t imagine it appealing to anyone intelligent. If you think this game is fun, good for you. Tell me why it is fun. Tell me why you enjoy the gameplay. I told you why I didn’t like it. It is boring to collect sticks and build campfires without any real direction and with some of the worst menus in a game. Hope the next game you pump out is better, Don’t Starve developer.

      Also, when you called me idiotic, you said “expect for this line, I tried my best to be polite.” Expect? Or except? Haha, moron.


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