Review: Sacrament


Sacrament is a found-footage film that is based almost totally on the Jonestown massacre, a wild incident where 900 people idiotically killed themselves because a sex-offender told them to.

I’ve always been fascinated by Jonestown and Jim Jones. I mean, how could people be so stupid? They killed themselves because this nut told them to. Well, the answer of “how” is simply that people are generally moronic and this was an example of how moronic they are.

Sacrament is essentially the same exact story as Jonestown, minus a congressman. A film crew arrives, talk to a few blacks who look like they’re straight out of Resident Evil 5 and get escorted to the “father” who is the Jim Jones guy. The reporters antagonize the guy until he decides to kill his entire colony but not before they try to kill the reporters. People are idiotic and dumb and give their kids cyanide poisoned fruit-punch Kool-Aid. Frankly, I think fruit punch/red kool-aid is gross and wouldn’t need any cyanide in mine to start profusely vomiting and dying.

Some how, no one came up with the plan I had to survive – start faking a seizure, lie down and when no one is looking, get up and take off running.

The crazy chick sets herself on fire, which she needed, after she injects her brother with cyanide Kool-Aid. She’s stupid. Then, “father” blows his brains out with a 44 mag. His nose is like a faucet for blood. Up until the moment he does this, the reporters think he will kill them – but do nothing to stop him. Know what I would have done? Thrown the camera at his head as hard as I could and tackle him before he had a chance to blink. Then, I would have beat him up, stole his sweet gun and began looking for all of the valuables in this camp before leaving. I know, a lot of people would be dead by then but they had to have some money, right? No need to let that go to waste.

The movie is excellent if you’re intrigued by Jonestown. It isn’t going to really surprise you (especially if you’ve just read all of this) but it does paint a pretty horrific picture of what went down. Only about 150 people die in the movie – where as around 900 died in the real Jonestown.

Just make sure you have something to do or a good phone/tablet game to play, before starting the movie. It is boring until people go nuts. Then, it is just disturbing.


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