The “Gotham” pilot sucked


The first episode of Gotham sucked

Every character seems to be a Batman super villain or a super dramatic person. Also, the stand-up comic is the Joker.

In the opening episode, we meet EVERY person in the Batman universe from Ivy, Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler, Alfred, Gordon, Bullock, Barbara Gordon and Fish Mooney, Falcone and The Joker too.

Why are they calling Falcone(y) “Fal-Cone”?

They keep saying they killed an innocent man, but he was trying to murder a police officer after shooting at him too. Innocent?

The fight scene/chase scene felt forced and senseless. The introduction to Gordon’s character was silly. None of the prisoners behind him moved while 540 cops aimed their guns at the psychopath who wanted “his pills.” I wanted some pills just for watching this show.

Catwoman’s character, pointlessly, was perched on the entrance of Wayne Manor just to be there at the end of that sequence I guess.

This show felt like they just had a checklist of things they needed to include and spent the entire hour checking them off. I hope the show gets better because the first episode? I hated it.

Read about episodes 2-5 here.

8 thoughts on “The “Gotham” pilot sucked”

  1. Good review.

    I way don’t like the idea of all the classic villains being connected to a young Bruce Wayne. So, what? We are to believe that it was all fore ordained?

    Anyway. It reminded me of The Muppet Babies.


  2. I completely agree. This show sucks even worse than I expected and my expectations weren’t very high. Feels more like a show that would come on the CW. I also didn’t like how they tried to introduce every character in the Batman universe in the first episode. If I had read your review before I watched the pilot I could’ve saved myself an hour.


  3. A lot of things just sucked about this episode, every character was either a cliche or a disappointing tease of batman character which will probably never really pay off because this is a prequel. So we end up with CSI Gotham, which doesn’t really offer anything new so far.
    To sum up what’s wrong with Gotham: It is a Batman series , WITHOUT BATMAN.
    And the icing at the top of the shit cake, the thing that bothered me the most is WHY THE FUCK is catwoman like 10 years older than batman?!?


  4. The show was so fucking bad.. I feel bad for the people who are new to Batman watching this. And Penguin is just a little bitch in this show


  5. Gotham sucks so hard…I remember when all the people were saying “I hope it will be not like Smallville” and now you see: its far way worse(at least SMVLL left a legacy and in the moment it started the character SUPERMAN needed to be updated to the 21th century on a new version).
    However, after Nolan`s trilogy, what need had BATMANs
    ORIGINS to be retold?and without the BAT!!!!!!
    Luckely the show its doomed(ARROW and BATvSUP make it pointless and soon it will be over)


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