Things I hate about Destiny (updated 9/24/14)


Destiny is Bungie and Activision’s newest title that, of course, had to come out on Last-Gen just so Next-Gen customers could be reminded that we wasted our money for no reason. It is a (mostly) first-person shooter RPG and while it is pretty good, it pisses me off once per minute and here is why.

  • Stupid reload crap where I can be 9/10ths done reloading and it’ll restart the process if I melee. I’ve already removed the clip, why do I need to again? Reloading should have two or three steps so if you finish one and get interrupted, you continue where you left off.
  • Reload speed in general is awful.
  • Putting the radar in the upper left corner completely out of eye sight makes it useless
  • Bungie is notorious for spawning an obnoxious amount of enemies in their games at time and this is no different.
  • If you ever get a phone call during a mission, forget it because there is no pause function and you’ll continue automatically indefinitely.
  • You get stuck on everything in this game
  • Why does it take so long when holding buttons down to teleport
  • Anytime I die and respawn, the game has to zoom in and out from 3rd to 1st person, making me want to throw up
  • Some of the bosses have ridiculous amounts of health and the boss fights include tons of enemies spawning, Bungie style, for no apparent reason other than to be obnoxious and stupid. It isn’t a challenge to make me have to kill 9000 enemies while doing 1 million damage to a boss with 50-damaging shots each blast.
  • You can loot legendary gear for the wrong class. Yes, that moment when you get a one in a million item and it isn’t for the class of character you’ve made.
  • Every surface in this game seems to have been designed with more nooks and crannies to get stuck on than any recent game I can recall. I should slide off of stuff that I back into, if it’s not a freaking wall. Not get hung up on it (and don’t cry about realism because in real life, my peripheral vision would prevent this)
  • The hunters golden gun ability sucks. It does the obnoxious 3rd person zoom out for an instant, screwing your ability to keep aimed
  • At one point, I looted three blue chest pieces in a row. Now, some might say this is bad luck. I say it’s a bad game


I hate the crucible too.

  • Level 21 in match with a level 7
  • Why are my rechargables still not recharged after death
  • Zooming from first person to third person everytime I die makes me sick!
  • How many levels are there? one?
  • The giant turret offers no zoom until you begin shooting and actually zooms out

I may write more here later but I’m bored with this.


9/24/2014 (I wrote more).

Severely limited by special ammo, for no reason other than to be inconveniencing.

Why do I die and respawn with empty special ammo? That is purely idiotic

You turn around far too slowly. Turning while sprinting is impossible.
There needs to be an option to disable 3rd person zoom out, especially on the golden gun ability for hunters. You zoom out for a second to do a Dragonball Z move in the air, then a bunch of smoke fills your eyes and by then, you’re dead or everyone is dead you wanted to kill. This ability is CRAP.
The item may recharge and sit at the fully recharged status for seconds before its ready (resulting in death). Also, you can restart an area during strikes or missions after wiping and have none of your abilities ready (and all your ammo gone).
Two people can melee each other to death because of lag. It happens often. I’ve melee’d people and gotten post-Mortem with the melee attack, meaning a dead arm hit them? (It actually happened the second after I wrote this again)

Check out my second article that contains many more screw-ups found in this game.

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