Comprehensive list of Destiny mistakes, screw ups and things that suck


Once again, I have put words to digital print about Bungie’s biggest and latest project, Destiny. However, this time, we get far more detailed. I’ve also teamed up with several others from different parts of the world to bring you this list of things that are screwed up with Destiny. If you have any to add, comment and they’ll go in the list.

  • No countdown before server maintenance (lost an exotic)
  • No compass
  • No match-making for weekly strike
  • No in game map
  • No character sheet
  • No reputation tracker
  • No story (worth writing about)
  • Barely any gear
  • Not customizable characters
  • Grimoire – Pointless. Also, only on the app.
  • Most poorly thought out, complicated process ever for joining a clan. No way to join a clan in-game.
  • So much loading. From orbit to the planet, sections to sections, sometimes just random loading.
  • Rubber walls (bounce off everything)
  • Bounties – they’re all the same, not enough variety
  • Bounties – not enough description, too much Googling
  • Bounties – Some are really stupid.
  • Levels are the same – Reach a point, wait for ghost to open a door, kill a boss
  • No character customization (they’ll all look the same with the armor)
  • NPCs don’t interact by face. No “connection” very impersonal
  • No lip synching
  • Ships are pointless
  • There is one speeder – it is different colors.
  • Worst NAV points ever. Mars is comically bad.
  • Shouldn’t need to press the button to see nav
  • Loads the loading screen!
  • The radar is so out of the way, it is in the complete upper left corner. You should be able to see nearby enemies in the gun reticle.
  • One hit kill from snipers. Takes 3 minimum mag bullets to headshot
  • 200 faction-marks is the limit. However, you wouldn’t know this from the game because you just stop getting them.
  • Many exotic weapons, namely Thorn, are less effective and powerful than legendaries.
  • Changing weapons to a new character tells you each time you have the upgrades available.
  • Crucible matches love placing you in the same map over and over. No good randomization or playlists.
  • When people quit, you can’t check their name at the end of the match and report them for “Quitting.” So anyone that has ever reported someone for quitting either randomly saw that person in another match again and remembered – or is a liar.

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