I (surprisingly) like Evil Within


Evil Within is pretty awesome. I won’t exaggerate and act like it isn’t. But like anything, I’m pissed at it for a lot of reasons and here they are.

(I won’t include any spoilers in the main review, but below, I will include a few notes on the story and spoilers for it are marked clearly.)

This game is the most disturbing thing ever put in a video game world to date. If parts of this don’t mess with you or freak you out, you’re in need of help. You play as an out-of-shape cop, which is realistic. He is very slim, though. I would have preferred him to be fat. Many complain that the officer is dull. Truth is, most people who become officers probably are about like that. You begin by investigating an incident at an asylum and things go south, fast.

The super widescreen view is good for making it seem like a movie but the problem is that sometimes, you can’t see what you need to. The boss fight with the dumb Ring chick on Chapter 10, whose pussy I guarantee stinks, is a prime example. You need to see her and the ceiling to shoot the fire nozzles but you can only see one at a time.

The Japanese title of the game. I think I like it more. The Japanese title of the game. I think I like it more.

Sometimes, developers get lazy on the graphics. Oh, we need two bookshelves here, so just cut and paste that one twice.


Also, the “water” in this game looks like semen.

10710399_10152776154984025_3325217123417221100_o “Its raining men.”

The 9mm bullets that the box has when you pick the ammo up are enormous. The 50 gallon drums look more like 500 gallon drums. The switches/levers seem to have a really small area that you can press to activate them in. It gets old. Also, I end up double-tapping a lot of buttons (like X) to close dialogue boxes and that’s one of my pet peeves.

The main character would have hepatitis if he fell into a pool of blood with a cut on his leg. I would prefer dying to that.

The trophies and achievements to this game are a challenge…but aren’t ridiculous. I appreciate that.

The game reminds me a lot of Resident Evil 4 except that it is MUCH darker. I recommend it for infants.

target audience target audience

Yes, I enjoyed this game. It is a fresh and fun take on survival horror and truly is pretty horrific. I rate this game a BUY or TRY, for sure.






So we learn that this is all in the main character’s head. That’s fine – except how is it that Rivick or Roger or whatever the villain’s name is – how is it that he is teleporting and killing policemen at the beginning?

The story is VERY complexed and it might take multiple playthroughs to figure it all out. I never really understood how dying inside of a nightmare could kill you in real life. Also, how is it that the main character was able to wake up, conveniently, after fighting the final boss? (or did he ever really wake up?)

The little gay pale guy probably is possessed by the villain.

The game lays the groundwork for a future sequel and it almost felt a little forced. I like my stories to feel concluded. I still liked it, though.

A friend complained about how the final boss fight felt pretty one dimensional and anti-climatic but I actually thought it was fine.


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