Gotham – Episodes 2-5 (suck)


I was hoping that the pilot was going to be the only episode of Gotham that was awful but we now know that just isn’t the case. The show is an abomination and sucks. It will not last in its current form and I for one can’t wait for it to be canceled. Lets talk about some of the latest episodes (and for fun, we will include the declining ratings for each show)

Episode 1 – The Pilot8.21 Million ViewersRead about that here.

Episode 2 – Selina Kyle 7.45 Million Viewers – This episode focuses on Catwoman, Selina Kyle. Not surprisingly, she wants to be known as “Cat” instead of her name. The show drags on for an hour as we see two creeps abducting homeless children for some reason. I can’t even remember why and I just saw the show. The mayor, played by the ugliest person on earth, promises to fix stuff and the kids get abducted 5 minutes later, again. Gordon stops it, though. Then, the cliffhanger into the next show is that “Cat” knows who killed Wayne’s parents.

Episode 3 – The Balloonman6.36 Million Viewers – We learn immediately that we were lied to in the previous episode and that “Cat” doesn’t really know who killed the Waynes. This episode focuses on a STUPID villain whose plan is to handcuff bad guys to a weather balloon and let them fly off into their death. A few problems exist with this. 1 – Why doesn’t the Balloonman fly off with the balloon before he cuffs bad people? 2 – How is it that no one sees the giant balloons? 3 – Why doesn’t someone just shoot the balloon or climb up the rope and bite through it? Anyway, the idiotic villain eventually is captured. Then, reporters say “With the balloon man arrested, the question remains – who will protect Gothams citizens?” – which no reporter would ever say about a murderer. Of course, Bruce Wayne is watching this on TV. Alfred is a total dick.

Episode 4 – Arkham6.39 Million Viewers – So now, we are exploring the reopening of Arkham Asylum. Of course, the different mob families are fighting over who will benefit from it. Penguin sets up a war between the mob families. A hitman is working each side and it is pretty boring. Eventually, the cops catch him and he decides to try to finish the job with cops aiming at him anyway, absolutely guaranteed to die. No purpose or logic. We get some lesbian moments with Fish Mooney and her new girls she is hiring. She actually makes two girls fight to gain employment and it is lame.

Episode 5 – Viper6.09 Million Viewers – Someone begins peddling venom to people. All you need to do is sniff it and you’ve got super strength – but your bones will melt a little later. Bruce wants to meet with the Wayne Enterprises board because they’re corrupt, apparently. The lesbian stuff isn’t finished yet, either. We learn that Barbara Gordon was gay!! She was a lesbian with the cop and they were in a “relationship” for a year. The girl that Fish Mooney hired, Liza, is now seducing Falcone. He falls for it like a total boob.

As you can see, viewers are leaving the show. Over 2 million have left since the pilot. The show gets worse and worse. It is like Smallville for Batman (that show was AWFUL).

4 thoughts on “Gotham – Episodes 2-5 (suck)”

  1. of course it’s gay, robin lord taylor is in it and he’s a shit pushing fag in real life!
    gross! hate that tiny motherfucker, just pick him up and throw him hard against a fucking wall or something, hard enough to crack his head open. maybe that will set him straight and start fucking women instead of guys. sick.

    and what’s with the “acting” on this show? has no-one ever heard that word? jesus, the kids on “The Haunting Hour” are better!

    I could watch “The Haunting Hour” all day for years and years, but gotham? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would rather throw up tuna and oysters then watch that crap again.


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