WWE 2K15 – Exact same game as 2K14 but with less


Recently, I was messing around near a dumpster when I found a copy of WWE 2K15. Now, I present to you details about it. This review is for the PS3/XBOX 360 versions.

First of all, the game is identical to every other WWE PS3 game that has been released. If the next-gen version is different then fine but why did so many people say the game was different from the previous years? It is absolutely identical. Graphics have not improved one small amount.

2K Showcase Mode 

This is this year’s boring single player mode. You play through 2 of the worst feuds in WWE history, HBK/HHH and CM Punk/Cena. Both went on too long and both are of no interest in this game. However, it plays exactly like the Wrestlemania Showcase or Attitude Era modes did. My suggestion? Get 13 or 14 and play those if you want a nice WWE single player experience. This year’s is no different, except for being boring.

You can’t read most reviews without someone saying “But there will be more coming in DLC.

That is, of course, their justification for cutting actual single player content out of the game and selling it for downloadable content. I don’t consider this ethical.


The online is exactly the same as year’s prior, down to the menu simply having a different skin on it. Much of the extreme lag that was present in past versions is not nearly as bad but this simply still will not do. There is a boring ranking system that means nothing and no real reason to engage here.

WWE Universe

Once again, WWE brings back the Universe mode, functioning identically to last year’s game except people don’t have as many wrestlers to choose from. Maybe the theory is that people will just download them from the store so why pay a roster royalties? That should be illegal.


Wow, the soundtrack to this year’s game is AWFUL. Wild Ones by Flo Rida is the only thing recognizable. The rest varies from a country song I thought was a spoof song like on Team America. At one point, the lyrics go “We drink on them Mondays, we pray on them Sundays…” Then you might have a hardcore rap song come on such as “We Dem Boyz.” The soundtrack sucks in this game and I turned it off immediately.


Good news – you’ll be playing online for many trophies this year. Win 50 matches. Normally, I don’t review the trophies of games in depth but this year, I must point out a few things. The game has shitty achievements. Win 180 rivalry matches in Universe. Win 50 matches on hard. Win 20 matches with different wrestlers. Win matches with variations in the rules. Yeah, very original guys. There isn’t much motivation to play the game here and the idiots even sold one of the trophies and a sponsorship to Redbox for a “Redbox Match Moments” type thing.


The graphics are the same as in the past for PS3 games and my opinion of that is that it isn’t very good. Some wrestlers look like they’re from different games than others. Maybe they are? (WWE 13, WWE 2K14).

I know this seems like a short review but the fact is, that is IT for the game! I have gone over everything I can think of. The game costs $50, instead of $60, since they blatantly have nothing in this game to play. I give it a 2/10 and recommend that you not touch this title.

I’ll also be skeptically waiting for the PS4/XBOne version and will hopefully review those, too.

Review of the same game, released as WWE 2K14:

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