Great news – Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is the EXACT SAME ENGINE as other COD games

Terminator: Salvation

Why would this matter to you? Because it means hackers are back and it didn’t even take them effort to jump in this time.

I have no interest in the latest COD game and will not be buying it. It disgusts me that we get carbon copy games that are full priced and barely any different from the previous versions. This year’s game is no different from Activision, as Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has been released and is already confirmed to be the exact same game as before, code wise. This means hackers can instantly start cheating with aimbots, ESP (see all enemies at all times) and wall hacks that let you see through walls to find enemies. Here is more info.

Call of Duty should just begin being released with the year in the title. Every year, we get a new one that isn’t any different from the one the year before. There are a few changes to killstreaks or to the story but when you’re rushing from point A to point B with gunfire going on each year, it all eventually blends together. This year, the game got a few HUGE NEW CHANGES. You can jump higher – like on Destiny or Titanfall. Also, lazer gunz.

You’re going to have to entice me with more than the same exact game with a few new bells and whistles, folks. That is exactly what WWE 2K15 is and it didn’t impress me much (said just like Shania Twain).

Time will tell if the game is successful. Early reviews are positive but people are ready for something different.


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