I hated Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate


I thought Batman: Arkham Origins was bad (it was) but I finally got the Vita game to work and it sucks an old nut.

Batman: Arkham Origins sucks but it was playable. When Blackgate came out, I couldn’t play it. It wouldn’t allow me to get past the first section because of a glitch. I was able to get a full refund due to this shit.

Sometime later, I decided to give the game another chance, as a friend loaned it to me. Well, I now hate this friend solely because of this game being junk.

For starters, it is a side scroller – but a sucky one. You must go from point A to point B and back to point A in this game. It gets old fast. Fortunately, you have a map.

Unfortunately, it sucks. The map is a 2D map for a game with 3D travel and you end up completely confused as to where to go until you just memorize it. Thankfully, that is easy because you must navigate the 3 small areas around 200 times for one playthrough.

The graphics are unbelievably bad. PS1 graphics. I wanted to shut it off as soon as I saw it. Batman looks like shit and the alternate costumes are horrible. No good choices. This game was made in about 10 or 15 minutes by two guys, maybe.


One thought on “I hated Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate”

  1. backtracked my way through the whole damn game, got lost, got stuck, got pissed off many times. finally made it to one of the last boss sequences with catwoman and it’s some bullshit darkness/button mashing/quicktime foolishness. don’t know if it glitched or if i was doing something wrong but i spent about 20 minutes on it & ripped the game out of the vita without powering it off. then i sent an e-mail to armature (i think that’s it) studios telling them what a flaming piece of dogshit their game is. never heard back.

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