Review: Christmas with the Kranks


Christmas with the Kranks is not a movie about the holidays at a meth-users trailer. It is a movie that sucks but is watchable during the holidays. It features Tim Allen who plays the biggest piece of shit ever – himself.

Luther Krank wants to take a vacation to somewhere sunny. His neighbors are all totally insane and wanting him to decorate for Christmas but somehow, not decorating improves his budget and let’s him afford a vacation. They all hate him for not decorating.

Unfortunately, his inconsiderate daughter wants to come home the second before Christmas. So the Kranks have to go nuts to put together a last minute Christmas party and pretend like to the daughter that they had planned this the entire time.

The payoff of the Marty character is that he is Santa. How stupid.

Tim Allen is a total dick in this movie and also looks like he doesn’t want to act in this. I don’t blame him but really, do more than phone it in Tim. I heard he sucked dick for coke.

A lying burglar fools Spike. The movie ends with Marty flying his old VW like it is Santa’s Sleigh. I wish the Purge would happen to everyone in this movie. It’s junk.


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