Review: Dumb and Dumber To


Talk about another disappointment. I was looking forward to Dumb and Dumber To, not because I thought it would be great or anything – but because I thought it might not be total shit garbage. It was total. Shit. Garbage.

First thing I can tell you is that if you watched the movie trailers for this movie, you almost entirely have witnessed the gags worth mentioning. From yanking a cath out of a dudes dong to Lloyd falling in love with Harry’s daughter to Jeff Daniels having a turkey neck. I not only sat through this movie without laughing – with each passing moment, I grew angrier and angrier. It was an absolute waste of time.

Even though it makes no sense, the two mentally handicapped individuals we are laughing at and not with in this movie find the dog truck again. We relive nearly every gag from the original but most end up being depressing instead of funny.

screen shot 2014-06-11 at 9.41.33 am

I knew when I saw this movie was announced that Jim Carrey’s career must be in trouble. I always knew Jeff Daniels would be, since he wasn’t really that good ever. Carrey wasn’t in my opinion, but a lot of folks started liking him and he dated cow-pussy Jenny McCarthey.

I would rate this a 1/10 or lower. Don’t watch. It probably is better than the other blatant milking of the franchise, though…



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