Playstation is 20! Here are my 10 favorite PSOne games.


Playstation just turned 20 and that means two decades of some of the best gaming experiences of my life and probably yours. I decided to write down ten games that came to mind when I thought of the system. All ten were pretty good but a few are better than others. Let me know what your top PS1 games were.

Metal Gear Solid – This was a sick game when it came out. Still is pretty cool but at the time, nothing like it had existed.

Resident Evil – Scared me into literal nightmares after I rented it. Because I am twisted, I had to immediately buy it after this.

Resident Evil 2 – A simply fantastic sequel that took as many risks as the first game and didn’t just milk the franchise.

Twisted Metal 2 – Blowing up the Eiffel tower and driving up it? Yep. A classic memory and a great game with awesome levels.

Parappa the Rapper – I still love this game and wish it would be remade for modern systems (with trophies)

Final Fantasy 7 – There will never be an RPG as good as this game was for not only it’s time but for all time.

Tekken 2 – Eh, I kind of hated it but there was a period where it was all that was out and I played the shit out of it. Dumb characters.

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit – I loved this title and the idea of playing as cops chasing bad guys.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater – It ended up being milked to death but there is something to be said for the first.

Grand Theft Auto – It is hard to believe that the game we now know as a free-roaming third-person sandbox of fun was originally nothing like what it is today. The original was where the idea was created and although it lacked the mass appeal, because it kind of sucked, I still remember enjoying it.



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