Review: All the President’s Men


I was enjoying this movie over the course of a few days when suddenly, it just ended. I felt like more was on the way but I never got anything!

All the President’s Men focuses on Richard M. Nixon’s corrupt ass bugging the Democratic HQ to find out some stupid secrets. A few journalists stumble upon the story and end up breaking it. The result is that the fool Nixon had to resign and die knowing he was a failure and a moron. The only person who was dumber was Gerald Ford, who PARDONED HIM the second he took office. Talk about corruption.

clumsy idiot
clumsy idiot

The movie is rather old for a lot of younger folks today, so we get a lot of cigarette smoking. Bob Woodard and Carl Bernstein are the focus of the movie, as they team up at the Washington Post to bring down a Republican who needed it, for once.

Dustin Hoffman is in it and folks, I hate this guy. I really hated him in Hook but he is annoying in this movie cementing to me that he evidently always has been a tool. He smokes at least a carton of cigarettes per scene.


Anyway, they finally succeed but the movie just cuts off, like they ran out of money. It was slow at times for a lot of today’s modern audience but if you want to watch something with your dad and learn about how stupid those times were, here is a good chance to do it.

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