Batman vs. Superman is going to suck


It is time to be honest with ourselves. This movie will be bad.

DC Movies have a horrible good-to-bad ratio. The Dark Knight and Batman (1989) were the only good ones (ever). On the bad list, Batman Begins, Dark Knight Rises, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, Superman (1-4, Returns), Man of Steel, Green Lantern and the TV shows (Smallville and Gotham). Batman is arguable for some but in 1989, that was the coolest stuff around, kids.

With a record like that, why do we suddenly think this movie will be good? It will have too much CG. Ben Affleck will be in it. I just don’t think getting my hopes up for this is going to pay off.

Plus, how many of the Vs. movies have been good? Aliens vs. Predator? Horrible. Freddy vs. Jason? A chore. Now, Batman vs. Superman. Both sides will be at stake to protect their intellectual property’s value. The problem there is that one side does not realistically fit into that.

Look. I like Batman as much as the next guy – but he would die instantly against Superman.


All the combat skills in the world would not prevent this from happening. I think Superman (this version) flew through the Earth’s core in the last movie. So you think a guy who knows karate is going to stop him? No. Not even for a breath.

Anyway, forgetting that, 99% of Batman or Superman movies suck. The Dark Knight was great – we all know it. But Batman Begins? I fell asleep in the theater. The Dark Knight Rises was the worst movie. Man of Steel was bad, too. If you liked that movie, you somehow liked a movie where millions died because they did in Metropolis, folks. That final battle? Genocide. Also, too much.

And coming off of that, how does a human pose a threat to this guy? It makes no sense.

I see this as being a big let down.




3 thoughts on “Batman vs. Superman is going to suck”

  1. Critics have always had a history of being Ass Holes. They are critics because they have serious issues with their lives, namely being unhappy and miserable the majority of the time. They usually have no real experience or credentials to judge a movie in the first place. As Jerry Lewis once said, “There is only one critic you should pay attention to, and that is yourself” .


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