Playstation is 20. Here are my 10 least-favorite PSOne games.


Following up to an earlier article on my favorite games for the original Playstation, here are the games that weren’t quite as good as we had hoped. In fact, they sucked the big one.

South Park – It was heavily touted before release but when the game came out, it was absolute slop. One of the worst games ever on PS1.

Syphon Filter – Many loved this game but I hated it. 989 Studios made it – they were a garbage studio of the 90s. This was like a poor man’s Splinter Cell.

WCW Nitro – Yes, I like and always have liked wrestling games. This was unlikeable, though. In the era of so many big WCW names, we got the worst game possible. Except maybe…

WCW Thunder – The first one wasn’t enough, so we got an even shitter version called Thunder with the EXACT SAME game as before. Down, Forward, Back, X to do a clothesline? Hell no

WWF Warzone – The first game to feature Stone Cold Steve Austin and yet, it sucked. You had to do button combinations similar to Nitro/Thunder to do a move. There was a weak roster. Just shit. Acclaim.

WCW Mayhem – Fuck, this was EA at it’s worst. Total garbage game.

Spyro – I hated these games. I call it gaming garbage. You’re just making something to make. Never found them appealing and not surprised that they’re history today.

Tomb Raider – Many people loved this series – I never have. Tomb Raider was a boring, bad graphics game for PS1 and has been milked ever since. Hated the movies, too.

NFL Gameday 98 – I was playing and losing – switched to the other team at halftime – and still lost. This game and NFL games of this era and all eras suck. Appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Tekken – I even noted that Tekken 2 kind of sucked and it did – but the first game blew a veiny one. Plus, every other game has since. So it gets on the list.

One thought on “Playstation is 20. Here are my 10 least-favorite PSOne games.”

  1. Also, if you wanna play a really good Tomb Raider game, then play Tomb Raider Anniversary, which is a 2007 remake of the 1996 and better in every way possible.

    That’s right, I said Tomb Raider Anniversary, NOT Tomb Raider 2013, which is nothing but a story-focused game with a different Lara Croft who just screams and cries every minute rather than fight wolves, dinosaurs, and gorillas with dual pistols while cracking one-liners like the old Lara Croft did.

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