The Hungry Horde is a mixed bag


The Hungry Horde is another game that is based on the zombie apocalypse but in this one, we get to play as the zombies! The game has a fun premise but has its flaws too.

The game uses Minecraft shit graphics. This PS1 style look is somehow acceptable, now. I’ve seen it before and I’m just not impressed.


Also, while having crummy graphics, the game has a frame-rate issue many times where it slows down considerably. For a game that looks like shit – it plays technically like shit too. And I’m really kind of sick of the old graphics look, too. Why are new systems coming out of the games look older and older?


I like the zombie stuff. It is fun to aimlessly do (when the framerate isn’t shitting out). Sometimes, levels are unfairly arranged, though. There are only a set number of areas that each day, randomly collide to form your game experience…and often, it ends up being fairly cheap. It might be better the next day but it would be better if there was just a reset button you could use.


You also get to do random minigames for limited fun. Zombie Conga, for example. Doing these in the level will reward you with a tiny ass amount of bonus time and if you’re good, a sticker pack. They’re pointless to do and most strategies suggest avoiding them. You can do them from the menu, however, avoiding them in the game just to get trophies for example.

The game was free in November, 2014 for PS Plus users and thank God – because it wasn’t really worth a penny. Don’t pay for this unless you’re just loaded and need to spend the money fast like in Brewster’s Millions. It is a 5/10 game.



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