LEGO Batman 3 sucks folks


LEGO Batman 3 is fun at first but then it sucks dick

I have talked to many who have played this game at great length and who played LEGO games in other installments. The verdict is in. This one is lousy.
There are some seriously annoying characters in this game, including Conan O’Brien and frankly, Adam West. Let’s just face it. He was in a TV show for some cash a few years ago and it happened to catch on. He sucked in it. Now, he’s cashing in again and acting like a goofball. It is funny a few times but eventually, you’ve heard it all so much, you’re tired of it.
The stupid developers make triangle the button to transform – and to change characters. So sometimes, it is a toss-up which you do. I’ve sat there and changed outfits as Superman for 5 minutes while enemies probably thought I was out of my mind.
Flight sucks on the planets. Sometimes you take off and can’t stop. The camera will randomly fly up your butt. The missions are repetitious. There are annoying characters.
Sometimes, buttons work wrong. You’ll press R2 and itll cycle like you pressed L2. Also, you’ll press Square and itll fiction like you pressed O. I bought cheap ass air filters and they crack like a geriatrics hip anytime the air kicks on.
A little cool
A little cool
The planets suck dick. They’re filled with meaningless shit to do and the camera angles are the worst I’ve seen.
I’d give it about a 4 out of 10.

One thought on “LEGO Batman 3 sucks folks”

  1. Well I half agree with you I was so excited for this game I had the first and second one and I loved Lego games and I am like the biggest Batman fan ever (ask anybody I know) so I preordered it I picked it up and played I was disappointed I got bored and never played it again such a disappointment considering all the time and money I put into this was a waste but I only played a few missions so I feel I gave the game an unfair chance I mean it looks pretty decent and it has got some good ratings so I will play it after I finish Sly Cooper Thives In Time ( Also a huge platformer and ps2 fan like Ratchet and clank etc.) then I will get back to you with my full opinion on the game. *\(^o^)/* Hopefully It’s Good! 😃😃😃👌.

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