Damnation is the worst video game I have ever played.


That’s right. You want to know the worst I’ve played, to date? Here it is. A little gem called Damnation. The title is about what you feel like you’re withstanding while playing this title.

The box art looks cool and it had a price tag of $60. Imagine a poor sap who feel for this and figured it must be a good game. The moment the game starts up – he knew something was wrong. Even though still images make the game look like it has OK graphics, it sucks shit. The mechanics suck ass and the characters move around like a baby animated them.

Almost looks fun but it isn't, trust me
Almost looks fun but it isn’t, trust me

The story sucks and is practically non-existent. You run to a place, shoot some people repeatedly and maybe you burn a guy. Unfortunately, not the developer.

What the fuck is that?
What the fuck is that?

Damnation’s graphics in a lot of screen shots ended up being deceptively better than they are in-game. I would rank the graphics about the equal of Star Wars Episode 1: Podracer.

Better than Damnation
Better than Damnation

Damnation is considered by trophy hunters to be one of the shittiest games ever, even though it is an easy platinum (if you can stomach the poor game). It definitely is poor. I would give it a generous 2/10. Then I would hit someone.


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