Review: American Sniper

Better than the movie "American Diaper"
Better than the movie “American Diaper”

Bradley Cooper stars as Chris Kyle in American Sniper. It is directed by Clint Eastwood, who’s first name you have to be careful with when you have a sinus infection. My thoughts on the movie and maybe some laughs if I’m lucky. The real question is if I can write this without having to take a shit and it isn’t looking good.

American Sniper is a lot better than most of the war movies I’ve seen come out over the past few years. It is even better than Jar-Head, which many found enjoyable and I found a bit tenuous at times. I guess the movie is based on Chris Kyle’s account of his kills from the “War on Terror.” The guy was really deadly and killed around 200 people. Can you imagine playing Civilization 5 and having a single unit kill 200 others? If it did, it would be Chris Kyle.

About to kill
About to kill

Of course, throughout the movie, he is presented with difficult decisions. There will be a few spoilers from here on so if you haven’t seen the movie yet and just want a review, I say go see it. Below the line, we discuss plot details.

So a little kid is carrying a bomb that a lady in a cloak gave him. The kid starts running toward soldiers, of course. Then, Kyle has to shoot him. It seems so cut and dry by that depiction and I had a hard time believing it really went down that clearly. The lady picks up the bomb from the kid and has to be killed too, unfortunately.

Sienna Miller plays his wife and does a great job, too.
Sienna Miller plays his wife and does a great job, too.

Kyle at one point is on the phone with his wife when he has to kill some bad guys who decide to execute a family in the middle of a town. I can imagine it would be scary for the wife to hear all of that, as she did. But Kyle went bad-ass on the alleged-terrorists.

Bradley Cooper does a really good job portraying a country guy with talent who truly did decide to serve his country and I not only respect Coopers job on this but I hope he gets an Academy Award. I also respect and appreciate Chris Kyle for serving his country. This guy was a bad ass and unfortunately, a dumbass that needed to be beat to death slowly killed him and robbed his country of a great hero.

Some people will find parts of this movie hard to believe, as the victims of Kyle all seem to be overtly-evil in their moments of death. Executing someone, planting a bomb, aiming a rifle at other soldiers that you can also see…it just comes across as very convenient, sometimes. And with a jury having decided that Chris Kyle told embellished stories about punching Jesse Ventura, I am one to think he might have embellished the story of some of his service, too. My instincts tell me this movie embellishes as well but it is still well done, for the most part. Definitely see it if you vote Republican and possibly if you vote Democrat, too.



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