Review: Evil Dead (2013)


The reimagined Evil Dead movie didn’t receive all of the acclaim that the original did. We examine why in today’s review of Evil Dead (2013 version).

If you’re looking for a quick answer, it is because the movie sucks.

The movie starts out with an abduction in the woods. A dad burns his daughter alive. It’s around this point that I conclude in a Sherlock-Holmes-fashion that this isn’t a funny movie. It’s pretty serious and horrifying. The thought of a father burning his daughter alive, when its really played well up to the moment we discover she really IS possessed, is horrifying.

It’s one thing for special effects to be so convincing, a death looks like a real death. It’s another to be distasteful.

We’re treated to the vine-raping scene, modern day version. While the scene was funny in the 80s movie, because it wasn’t designed to seem real, this one is disturbing.

Killing me
Hey guys want to watch a rape!?

Later on, we get a needle into the eye. We get to see it being pulled out of his upper cheek too. A woman cuts her own arm off, not screaming until she gets to the bone. We see all of it and its just gore without reason.

Not to be confused with this kind of gore:


Everyone sort of just let’s the possessed demons attack or maim them for minutes before fighting back. Showing a lack of knowledge for safety features on a nail gun, the movie features one used as a weapon, firing projectiles like bullets. Nail guns have to be pressed up to something to fire.

More happens. The guy actually saves the drug addict with a homemade defibrillator. She comes back to life after he walks away. Then he dies in a blaze of glory.

A really dumb chase ensues. It’s raining blood and this movie sucks. Then the chainsaw happens because you knew it would.

Expected. Also, she probably has hepatitis now.
Expected. Also, she probably has hepatitis now.

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