Ultimate Card Sim – UFC Undisputed 3


I decided to put together what I feel would be a total supercard on UFC Undisputed 3 and watch the entire thing. Here are the results of it. Some sort of show the game is stupid but it still beats the shit out of EA’s UFC.

Chael Sonnen vs Wanderlei Silva – Sonnen dominates and wins with a standing KO on Silva in round 3. He took him down a retarded amount of times in the second round.Tito Ortiz vs Chuck Liddell – About 10 near knockouts in round 1. Awesome fight. Titos head is huge. He KOs Liddell one punch 2nd round. Liddell can’t even stand up for the announcement.

Rampage Jackson fights Rashad Evans next. They’re both way more cautious than the last fight, but Rashad smells blood and knocks out  Rampage, round 1!

Were jumping into a welterweight fight next with GSP against Matt Serra. Serra will need luck in this one. GSP takes him down early and manages to stay on top during several efforts but Serra knees him during one effort and almost knocks him out! Serra takes control, GSP counters and the bell rings! Crowd is into this one. Round 2 begins and Serra jumps in control. Round 3, GSP almost knocks out Serra but gets his back! And gets a rear naked choke! GSP escapes after much work and the fight ends in a fist fight on their feet! The first decision goes to GSP, unanimous, which was clear but man Serra put up a fight!

Dan Severn is next against Cain Valesquez. Cain comes out and almost kills Severn. Apple deletes half of my paragraph for no reason.  Cain wins by KO in the 3rd round. Severn was doing the takedown thing but this man is dangerous. Avoid him.

The Light Heavyweight Title is on the line with Anderson Silva battling Lyoto Machida. They go at it in round 1. Silva wins the title in the second with a knock out from his vicious knees.

Brock Lesnar fights Frank Mir for the title in the main event. In total bs, Mir wins by KO in round 2.

BJ Penn faces Clay Guida. Round 1, Penn gets a triangle choke but lets it go. We hear it was truly a mixed martial arts round for the 90th time. BJ Penn knocks out Clay Guida with an elbow in the third round.

Hope you enjoyed this retelling of the biggest night of fights ever. If you didn’t, you’re no fun.

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