Resident Evil HD Remaster – Still Scares the Shit Out of Me


I am pissed off that some ugly hairball on gave the new Resident Evil remaster a low review. When I say I am pissed off, I am not exaggerating. I really am. Something is wrong with me. But the review was total bullshit. 7.5 does not do this game justice.

This game is a survival-horror game, at it’s absolute best, and is a 9/10 game. I’ll explain why.

First up, the game is scary. That has to be 50% of the meaning of the existence of a videogame. This one scared me into jumping several times. When you consider the amptnospehere (I hate that word), the sound (I like that word better) and the enhancements that go into both for a modern system, the game delivers here. Compared to The Evil Within, I would recommend this game in a heart beat. This game scares you by holding back. Evil Within scares you, then disturbs you, then grosses you out. I don’t like that.


I mentioned sound. I think this game sounds great. The thunder by itself is scary in spots of the mansion. Zombie sounds are just what they should be. Cut scenes even add a little unexpected flair here and there and, despite people complaining about their shitty quality at times, I enjoy it. It adds something gritty, nasty and unexpected.

The new character models look terrific and there are a lot of good costumes to choose from, which realistically speaking, is the most fun unlockable in Resident Evil. Well, unless you want to shoot people with a rocket launcher!

The controls. This is a concerning area for a lot of people. The original Resident Evil, and even GameCube remaster, had very challenging controls. I won’t explain them, but if you imagined it being really hard to move around and do anything, that’s how it was. Now, you can play with that (and should if you never have), but you also have an option to play a new Alternative, modern and badass control scheme, from the get-go. It lets you point and run that way – simple. Compared to the old way, it takes a lot of the challenge out of some spots but for many people, that challenge was what prevented them from enjoying the game. I’m playing on the new scheme constantly, because I have played the old way enough to get out of it what I wanted. I want, so badly, to enjoy other classic Resident Evil games with this mechanism.

BOOM! Yell that at someone, sometime. It is funny.
BOOM! Yell that at someone, sometime. It is funny.

The achievements and trophies are also well done. Not easy but not impossible, they include beating the game with a knife only (not as difficult as it may sound), beating the game in certain times (when you know this game like so many of us do, this is a piece of cake) and rescuing certain characters. I like a game that puts thought into it’s trophies and time and time again, I have said this – you can make your games better or a lot worse with trophy lists. I think this one is better.

The game loads quickly but still enough time to allow you to get your wits. You must save your game by going to a spot in the mansion and using an ink ribbon you have in limited supply and you can also only carry a certain number of items. It isn’t easy but it is what it is supposed to be – the original Resident Evil experience in a modern format. That included rationing bullets, green herbs (that’s a toss to marijuana, folks. Bad ass game) and deciding if you will carry that shotgun or that helmet key, because the doorknob might fall off before you can go back through to get both and there is a killer red zombie in the hallway that is the other path. Real decisions.

It is also $20 bucks, at launch. This means it will get cheaper, eventually, but is a great price to support future projects that might bring us games like Resident Evil 2, 3 – Nemesis and even 4 back in new and creative ways. I like this, Capcom. I like this.

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