Star Wars Commander sucks and has the worst A.I. possible


The Star Wars Commander game for tablets and phones sucks. It sounds like a great game until you play it and your AT-AT shoots 15 wall-segments in a single-file line, for no reason.

I’ve played a lot of this game and thought I might like it. Unfortunately, I don’t. It is boring, the campaigns suck and make no sense for a high level to do and the units have no balance whatsoever. For example, you might think there is a logic in using different fighters from the hanger – but I’ve found none of them to be useful, in any regard, compared to the TIE Fighter. Yep, the shitty one is better than Vader’s TIE Fighter, a TIE Interceptor and even a TIE Defender, which looks like a weird Christmas bow-TIE Fighter.

Gaudy shit
Gaudy shit

The game is also misleading, giving you the impression that you will be able to charge into battles with your favorite heroes like Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader!


To an extent, this is sort of true – because you have to reach the absolute MAXIMUM LEVEL IN THE GAME CURRENTLY to use heroes like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker. No shit, I kid you not. I’ve been playing it for at least 6 months now and I am almost to the maximum level. That’s some bullshit, too, because I play it a lot. But you can use “heroes” like a black AT-AT or a black AT-ST. Because once you go black…

There isn’t enough detail to differentiate turret-levels of the enemies’ bases, so you never really know what you’re getting into. Clash of Clans, which this game rips off I mean borrows from, makes it easy. You know if a tower is lower level or higher level. Here, you really have no clue because you never play as the enemy and only see them for brief seconds.

There are NO differences in troops’ looks when you upgrade them – a major disappointment.

Walls and buildings don’t look very creative, either. They practically all look the same.

It all looks the same.
It all looks the same.

The game, called Star Wars, is set entirely on Tatooine. Sometimes, though, they reshade the ground and do a campaign on another planet. Problem is, the campaigns suck because the difficulty doesn’t scale and you’re either left doing a mission retardedly easy and unrewarding or impossible and unrewarding.

Something different! Eh, not really.
Something different! Eh, not really.

The best, though, is what I have saved for last. There is nothing quite as annoying as having 30% of your troops in an attack, ie 1 AT-AT, mindlessly decide to shoot every wall-segment in an entire line at a base. They seem to love to do this or to just stand there, deciding what to shoot, while 50 rockets destroy it. The AI is very awful and makes the game feel pointless.

After writing this, I’m planning on deleting the game. I hate it and it is a major let down because it could have been fun and instead, just isn’t.

Games with "Commander" in them aren't turning out too well.
Games with “Commander” in them aren’t turning out too well.

10 thoughts on “Star Wars Commander sucks and has the worst A.I. possible”

  1. Couldn’t agree more with the A.I. However, I have noticed, it appears to be getting better. I don’t use the non-hero AT-AT’s; I use tanks. However, the imbalances are horrendous!! If you’re going to play, play as the rebels. Level up your R2’s, machine gunners, and Wookie’s. You will be unstoppable. The Empire has nothing to compare to the R2’s. I’ve watched them take over 10 hits from motors, and keep going!


  2. Totally agree.
    The AI is that bad it’s almost funny.

    Put in a couple of level 8 tanks….then watch them go for a drive along the walls until they’re destroyed.
    A stack of crack snipers? Watch them run – without shooting – through the base…until they’re destroyed.

    Played for 8 months and it’s got worse so deleting it and moving on.

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  3. Agreed. I’m close to deleting myself. Watching troops stand and shoot a wall segment — when there’s already an opening literally right next to them — just to attack a random building, all the while ignoring that they’re being blasted to bits by a turret or gang of defending troops standing much closer than said wall segment… it’s ridiculous. It would be laughable if the game didn’t have such potential.

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  4. I agree ! There is no logic and no consistency with attackers or defenders. Attacking troops behave completely randomly, and usually stupidly. I hate this game !

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  5. I’ve started to notice a pattern in Disney. Let’s ripoff a top grossing app and slap a Star Wars cover on it! The rebels are too op. The empire has bad, weak, or downright ugly units. Shock troopers, for instance, the most balanced unit, best, and nostalgic unit. They run across a base jus to get a trap, the survivors rinse and repeat until only your hero remains. The game crashes every 2 battles. The graphics are cringey and ugly. And as if to add one more fuck you, they didn’t even add villagers or townspeople.


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