Royal Rumble 2015 – Screwed up like last year.

Orton wasn’t there, of course.


Royal Rumble 2015 was another disappointment. Vince McMahon showed how stupid he truly is by repeating 2014’s mistakes.

Daniel Bryan. That’s who the fans wanted to win. He just returned from injury and is a fan favorite. So the WWE books him to come out and then be eliminated before the end. The crowd began to shit immediately. Everything was boo’ed. Then, Roman Reigns entered – and the place lit him up with boos. He went on to win and was booed the entire time, ruining it for him and for the fans.

I guess this poster was a dead giveaway.
I guess this poster was a dead giveaway.

Even the Rock returning couldn’t save the Rumble match from poor booking. They popped for him, sure, but cooled off fast.

Some fans even remained in attendance to boo in the background of the Fallout show. Frankly, that was just stupid.

Unfortunately, the Rumble match put a damper on most of the splendor from earlier in the night – because the Royal Rumble was pretty good until it. Sure, the Bella’s stunk it up like normal because they’re awful and without talent…but Brock, Rollins and Cena had a helluva match. Finishers weren’t working and Cena even hit an OMG! Moment on Brock through the guardrail that is as soft as my mattress. Brock even won the match – pretty cool, considering he looks like he is about to literally die. Does this guy have a heart problem or something?

Titus ONeill had a nice moment this year, botching his elimination by jumping too soon and getting hung up on the rope. He once botched a tweet and sent his unusually small penis out to all his Twitter followers.

We once get a huge CM Punk chant, following the Bryan elimination. The announcers are totally silent during it. Awkward.

Boogeyman, who I hate, slams the clock on his head and it gets stuck for a second.

Of course, every year, they screw the pyro timing up when the winner points to the Wrestlemania sign.

The good news is that Roman didn’t act like Batista and start crying because the fans didn’t like him. He’s a pussy. Roman handled it well and hopefully, can recover from this. The night was a setback for him.

We get it, you decided last year this guy was going to win.
We get it, you decided last year this guy was going to win.

Following the Royal Rumble, #CancelWWENetwork was the number 1 trend on Twitter. Nice going guys.

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