Megatramp mega-sucks


Megatramp is garbage. No really, it is about being garbage. But it sucks. It is actually entertaining for a second, since it is offensive.

You play as a bum. I named mine Perry Saturn. The creator calls them “tramps” but a tramp is really this.


You are hit up for cash often with no other option to pay. Pay 99 cents for a kitten, more than one costs in real life if you catch a stray.

You collect garbage and money and take jobs, learn to read and make enough money someday to buy cool stuff.

At one point, I was warned that I would die without food or something. For some reason, I thought it was bullshit and kept playing. I actually died and lost my entire character.

The game looks like shit. Almost looks like Beavis and Butthead. Someone should make that game.


The game gets boring fast. You can recharge moves with money, by waiting or by buying an unlimited moves pack. Buy




Megatramp gets 1/10.

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