Review: Interstellar


Everyone talks about Interstellar being some kind of great movie. Folks – it isn’t.

So McConaughey steers a drone with a 2D mousepad on a 1996 laptop. It realistically *may* have had enough memory to load solitaire.

Evidently, will be able to fly drones in the future.
Evidently, will be able to fly drones in the future.

It goes on FOREVER on the planet Earth. We basically learn that Earth is a shithole, desolate place with no crops. His daughter acts like an idiot when he leaves. She acts like an idiot throughout life, too, burning up valuable food. Good job, you killed people via starvation.

At one point, the “LM-AO” gauge is shown. We do not see an LOL gauge, the OMG meter or the WTF scale. Also, are the overly-effort into do-gooders offended that this was not an LM-BO gauge?

photo 1

So I’m trying to figure out if Cooper just jettisoned Catwoman into her own death or himself. This movie isn’t exactly clear. But I guess she went back to the planet and he had to save her later.

He shows up in a confusing, weird room of the moments in his daughters room and manages to send her a convoluted message, solving all of the mysteries of gravity or some shit. Anyway, it was so revolutionary, that by the time he comes home, his daughter has been in stasis and is 100 years old. But everyone lives in an upside down world that is a ripoff of Inception. Gravity has a weird effect or no effect here. But the movie ends with everyone happy and McConnaughey goes to save Hathaway.



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