Review: Speed



Speed sucks. It’s a stupid person’s action movie.

The people cheered on the bus with a bomb under them. They were allowed to watch it blow up.

The bus driver didn’t stop for a guy with a badge. I doubt that would happen. Lots of circumstantial shit happens to make this movie work. If odds were realistic, the movie would be about 8 minutes long.

As soon as you see Sandra Bullock in this movie, you’ll think “Wow, that’s what her nose looked like.

The entire movie is a disaster and ends with Neo and Bullock kissing like idiots. Know what I would be doing if I just decapitated a man and derailed a train? Be catatonic for about a month.

Some people call this movie a “thriller” but I got no thrills from it. I especially wasn’t thrilled when Speed 2: Cruise Control was released….

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