Radio Shack is closing – finally


Although it isn’t official that they are totally done, RadioShack is basically done. They’re shutting a ton of stores and trying to sell off. Good. It’s about time.

What a dumbass store. I have always hated RadioShack since I was a little kid, because they were way overpriced and didn’t have a good enough purpose to exist. Unless you were a HAM radio dork, what could you possibly need in 2015 at a RadioShack that you couldn’t buy at, say, WALMART???!

A RadioShack customer/virgin for life. You don't need SETI in the back of your truck, folks.
A RadioShack customer/virgin for life. You don’t need SETI in the back of your truck, folks.

RadioShack sucks to the extent that they have sued people for creating Webpages about how much they suck, before. has an injunction posted on their site, regarding it. They very well might sue me for this page – except they’ll need to pull some lawyers off of that bankruptcy filing LOL!!!!

Perhaps their ingenious marketing team could have put a little more effort into their slogan:

Do Stuff.

That’s the worst slogan I can think of off the top of my head. They had to do away with their old slogan, “You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.” because their associates never seemed to have answers. In fact, with the Internet, you’d be a retard to go to a RadioShack and ask someone, who will just Google it in front of you.

By the way, I don’t know why, but everyone I have ever spoken with at a RadioShack is a rude motherfucker. Now listen, I know it sucks working for a company like this but cheer up a little! You could be a Moroccan sex slave. No one wants to buy $19.95 batteries or a $25 gift card for $50. RadioShack has the worst prices ever, on anything. but since they also have/had stupid management, they for some reason thought higher prices would mean higher profit. That’s like being stuck in the mud and pressing the accelerator down further, thinking the harder you press it, the faster you should be getting out. Sometimes, it takes strategy.

I was looking at, a great Website that has reviews on companies, and many employees have written scathing reviews of ShitholeShack.

They’ve already cut all of the good benefits and everyone expects the company to go under any month now, so any surprises are pretty much going to be good news.

Minimum wage to do things that in any other company, you’d be getting at least 30k

Upper management has no concern for their employees unless they are chosen favorites

For starters, they’ve made RadioShack a place that no one talented wants to work. That means anyone that can sell their products well isn’t going to stay, because they have no reason to. Next, management is sending a message that they don’t care. When your plan for staying in business is to cut benefits, you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing and need to be removed.

RadioShack was a staple in America for a long time, but nothing lasts forever. Mismanagement may have rushed the inevitable, but I don’t see how this store had a future regardless of what anyone could have done for it.

5 thoughts on “Radio Shack is closing – finally”

  1. I have said all the same things that you said, for many years. Whenever my cordless phone battery ran down, I would be stuck going to RadioShack and they would charge $18 for it. I eventually found the same batteries on ebay for $1. When I lived in Cusco, Peru in 2014, they had a RadioShack there. I ran all over the city looking for a charger for my tablet. RadioShack had one. They were charging the the equivalent of one weeks pay for a Peruvian!!! I hated seeing that store in a beautiful ancient city like Cusco. It is a miracle that they even got their foot in Peru…with their insane prices. I ended up buying the charger for around $2 in the local flea market


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