The John F. Kennedy Challenge isn’t quite as rosy as reality.


JFK Challenge is a new iPad game developed in cooperation with the JFK Presidential library. It is aimed at youngsters and teaches them about how JFK was the great person who ever lived. At least, that’s what the narrative seems like.

Get ready for endless praise for an adulterer! Take the JFK challenge and see if you can sleep with Marilyn before Jackie O gets back! Wait that’s not in the game.


You take control of two missions that JFK got behind. The Peace Corps or the Space Race. You play simple mini games that contain historical audio. It has educational value and even gets small details right, like what Neil Armstrong really said on the moon:

Sadly, we don’t get a real look at the President through. This is a propagandized, unrealistic look at him and how he made no mistakes. The guy was a screwed up man.

There’s a lot suggesting he was involved with the Mafia, in a sense of making deals with them. When you make a deal with them, and don’t keep your word, you’re playing with fate and look what happened to him.


The miniseries “The Kennedys” with Katie Holmes as Jackie O is a pretty good look at the family.

As for the game, kids will benefit from a great deal of the material here. For its target audience, JFK Challenge achieves.

Too bad there wasn’t a bonus mode to let me play as Nailz Armstrong.



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